Apple and Google will have to remove crypto-related Play-to-Earn games in this country


The government of South Korea has taken steps to stop new play-to-earn (P2E) games. It has asked Google and Apple to remove existing games from their app stores. The popularity of P2E games has increased recently due to the rapid adoption of crypto. These games give players a chance to win exchangeable tokens, which they can auction off at higher prices to earn money. P2E game users have to purchase game pieces in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to play the game and earn in-game rewards. The special thing is that there is a ban on rewards above KRW10,000 (about Rs 625) in South Korea.

South Korea’s regulator ‘Game Management Committee’ (GMC) has asked to block games that require an in-app purchase before playing the game. GMC has made it impossible for P2E game developers to list their work on Google or Apple’s App Store.

The latest step has been taken by the government of South Korea. Under this, an attempt has been made to reduce the growth of P2E games directly in the app market. Game developers in South Korea are facing a court case for selling P2E games on the domestic app store. The main problem is that some game apps don’t get the required age rating to register on the App Store.

In this entire matter, a GMC official said that they are following the old Supreme Court decision, under which P2E games like Axie Infinity were blocked from being age-rated and registered. Cointelegraph Quoting an official statement, South Korea’s current law makes sense to prevent P2E games from being age-rated, as the cash prize in the game can be considered a reward. Keep in mind that the prizes received for playing the game in South Korea cannot be more than about Rs 625.

The fivestars of Klaytn P2E games and the NFT marketplace were blocked on the domestic app store due to lack of ratings. They were relieved by the court’s decision in June and the game was listed. However, the legal precedent regarding P2E games is expected to be set only after the final decision.

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