Any kind of interference in the matter of living as a Sikh cannot be tolerated: SGPC Secretary


Chairman of the National Minority Commission. Reacting to the advocacy of Iqbal Singh Lalpura’s proposal by the Government of India to make the Sikh soldiers wear iron helmets, Secretary of the Shiromani Committee S. Pratap Singh and Deputy Secretary S. Jaswinder Singh Jassi said that any kind of interference in the matter of being a Sikh and identity cannot be tolerated.

He said that the delegation sent by Shiromani Committee President Advocate Harjinder Singh Dhami under the leadership of General Secretary Bhai Gurcharan Singh Grewal in the meeting held by the National Minority Commission yesterday rejected the government’s offer by giving their written support. He said that the work of Minorities Commission is to protect the rights of minorities but S. Iqbal Singh Lalpura is committed to implement the wrong decisions of the government.

He said that wearing a hat is not acceptable in Sikhism, so it is not right to appeal to religious leaders in the matter of wearing a metal hat. He said that Lalpura should take a look at history. Sikh soldiers have always fought the enemy with turbans blessed by the Gurus.

During the world wars and during the wars fought for the country after India’s independence, the Sikh soldiers fought wars wearing turbans only, never wearing iron helmets. He said that keeping in mind Sikh history, tradition and non-Sikh morals, the central government should withdraw this decision immediately.


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