Another blow to Airtel and Vodafone-Idea’s 50 million subscribers, it will be announced

Last month, Indian Airtel, VI (Vodafone Idea) and Reliance Jio hiked all their prepaid plans. In such a scenario, news is now coming that Airtel and VI are also going to increase the cost of their postpaid plans. Airtel in July increased tariffs on the postpaid segment for corporate customers. The market Of analysts It is believed that the burden on postpaid customers may increase in the next few months. However, whenever postpaid plans have been made more expensive, it has not had much effect on the customers. So they continue their plan.

Big shock for Airtel

According to Jeffries, the postpaid market is worth Rs 22,000 crore in terms of revenue. Postpaid customers account for about 5 per cent of the active customers in the entire telecom sector. Telecom companies get 15% of their revenue from postpaid. About 50-60% of them are enterprise customers. 34% of postpaid customers are located in three metros. Another 36 percent are in the city-centric A-circle. Vodafone Idea tops the list with 43% market share. At the same time, Indian Airtel has a market share of 28%.

Big shock for Airtel
Big shock for Airtel

At present there are a total of 106 crore 4G users in the country. Reliance Jio has the highest number of 44 crore customers. While Airtel has 350 million users and Vi has 270 million users. In such a case, the new prices of both the companies (Vi + Airtel) will affect 62 crore or about 58.5 per cent users. That is about 53 crore postpaid users out of 106 crore.

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