Amritpal Singh ran away after dodging the Punjab Police, Khalistani supporter escaped after breaking the siege


Amritpal Singh Once again he escaped by dodging the Punjab Police. Breaking the police cordon, the Khalistani supporter fled towards the village. According to the CCTV footage that has come to the fore, it is being claimed that Amritpal Singh was seen roaming in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi. Then late night news came that he was in Punjab.

Amritpal Singh ran away leaving the Innova car

Punjab Police got information about Amritpal Singh that he is in Hoshiarpur. Police laid siege on Phagwara-Hoshiarpur road on Tuesday night to catch him. The news of Amritpal Singh’s presence in an Innova car came to light in Hoshiarpur, after which the police swung into action. The police tried to surround him, but Khalistani supporter Amritpal managed to dodge the police again and run towards the village.

Punjab Police’s search operation intensified to catch Amritpal Singh

Punjab Police amritpal To catch him, the search operation has been intensified. The Innova car in which he was traveling has been seized. Police is conducting a search operation in the villages and fields of Hoshiarpur.

Amritpal Singh seen without turban in CCTV footage surfaced on social media

A new video of separatist Amritpal Singh surfaced on social media, in which he is seen with his key aide Papalpreet Singh. In the video, Amritpal Singh is seen without a turban and wearing a mask. There is no date on this CCTV footage and it is being told of a market in Delhi. In this, fugitive Amritpal is seen walking on the road wearing dark glasses, while Papalpreet Singh is seen walking behind him with a bag.

There is no official statement from the Punjab Police on this new footage.

A senior Delhi Police official said that they are probing whether the person seen in the video is Amritpal Singh and his associate. The officer said, so far we do not have any such information nor has it been confirmed that the place where the video was made is in Delhi. However, we are verifying this.

Nepal puts Amritpal Singh on watch list

Nepal has put fugitive radical Amritpal Singh on its watch list on the request of the Indian government to prevent him from fleeing to other countries. In fact, such apprehension has been raised that Amritpal is preparing to flee abroad through Nepal. After which India had requested the Government of Nepal not to allow Amritpal to escape to any third country and if he tries to escape using Indian passport or any other fake passport, he should be arrested.


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