America came in fear of the threat of Hezbollah? A second battleship sent to rescue Israel

America came in fear of the threat of Hezbollah?  A second battleship sent to rescue Israel


After Hezbollah’s announcement of joining the Israel-Hamas war, America is also afraid. This extremist organization of Lebanon has already been involved with Israel. The army has been attacked and airstrikes are taking place from both sides. Meanwhile, the US is sending a second destroyer warship to help the Israeli military. He will be stationed around Israel. It is a strike type warship.

The Pentagon said the US had decided to send a second warplane to prevent Hezbollah or Iran from joining hands with Hamas. Deployment orders have been given. The Eisenhower Strike Group was to participate in a pre-scheduled exercise in the US European Command area. Meanwhile, the Pentagon changed its schedule and directed it to the Middle East, where it would deploy with the Gerald Ford Strike Group in the Mediterranean. US President Joe Biden is continuously talking to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The two leaders have held talks five times so far. Netanyahu is briefing Biden moment by moment.

Hezbollah attacked the Israeli army checkpoint

Hezbollah claimed yesterday that its fighters attacked five Israeli posts in the disputed area. The Sheba Farms area is considered disputed between Israel and Lebanon, which Israel claims. Even before this, Hezbollah has targeted the Israeli army. It is an Iran-backed militia group that has openly declared its support for Hamas. Iran has also warned Israel to stop attacks and the issue of Palestine is also being discussed in the Arab countries.

Why is America sending warplanes?

The United States deployed a battleship named Gerald in the northern Mediterranean shortly after the war began. Israel is located on this northern coastal region of the Mediterranean Sea. Now, for the security of this Jewish country, the Pentagon has used the USS. Eisenhower dispatched the Carrier Strike Group. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said that he has ordered the strike group in the north to maintain its position in the Mediterranean Sea, in order to prevent this war from escalating. Eisenhower’s association with Gerald would increase the strength of the Israeli military and send a strong message to the other side.

What is the characteristic of the Eisenhower battleship?

  • USS Eisenhower is nuclear powered.
  • Advanced fighter jets are deployed.
  • Equipped with 3-D Air Search Radar.
  • Capable of intercepting and defeating the target.
  • 90 fixed wing helicopters are deployed on the warship.
  • The USS Eisenhower is a Nimitz-class battleship.
  • The USS Eisenhower played a major role in the Gulf War.
  • Served in US Navy since 1977.