Amazon online Fraud woman ordered electric toothbrush worth rs 12k from amazon she get mdh masala delivered. 12 thousand toothbrush ordered from Amazon, MDH’s chaat masala came in the packet! Users have…


Photo:File photo Even before this, cases of other things being delivered in Amazon have come to the fore.

Online Shopping Fraud: Online Shopping Websites have now become a part of everyday needs for people. Whether you want to buy home spices, phone or any other essential items, you order only through online shopping apps. By saving the time taken to go outside the house to get the goods, people order the goods from the mobile in just a few minutes. In such a situation, E-Commerce Websites are proving to be a good tool for shopping. But, in order to save time, many times online shopping also becomes a cause of trouble. Many such cases have come to the fore through the e-commerce website, when bricks and stones and other things have been delivered instead of mobiles and other goods. Another such case has now come to the fore. Knowing about which you will also be stunned.

The latest case is related to the shopping site Amazon, it is such a shopping site that everyone is aware of. Everyone must have shopped once from this shopping site. But, recently a user found it difficult to shop with this shopping app. The user has also expressed his grief on social media. A Twitter user named @badassflowerbby shared her experience of shopping from Amazon on Twitter.

The woman was surprised to see the delivered packet

Actually, this user had recently ordered an electronic brush from Amazon, which cost around 12 thousand. But, when the product was delivered, she was in for a surprise. In the delivery packet, instead of a brush worth Rs 12,000, he got packets of garam masala. The girl was shocked by this incident and she narrated the entire incident on Twitter.

He made a tweet, in which it was written- ‘Dear @amazonIN why didn’t you remove the seller who has been cheating the buyers for more than 1 year? My mother ordered an Oral-B electronic toothbrush for Rs 12,000, instead she got four packets of MDH chaat masala. Turns out seller MEPLTD has done this with dozens of customers since January 2022.

Such cases have also come to the fore

However, this is not the first case when such an incident has come to the fore. Many times it has been heard that stones came out in the delivery box of the mobile or something else in the jewelery box. Now the tweet of this user is in discussion, on which many users have reacted. The user says that he has complained about this whole incident, but till now he has not got a solution.

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