Alerts issued to SBI customers, these services of the bank will be closed for 180 minutes

SBI, the country’s largest public sector bank, has issued an alert to its customers. The alert states that some of the bank’s services will be closed for 180 minutes.

State Bank of India (SBI) has shared a post on social media platform Twitter. In it, the bank said, “Banking services will be suspended on the night of September 4 from 22:35 to September 5 at 01:35, meaning 180 minutes of maintenance activities.” During this time, customers are exposed to Internet Banking, Yono, Yono Lite, Other than Yono Business and IMPS Will not be able to use UPI services. This means that during this time there is a need to refrain from engaging in any other activities, including transactions on any platform.

Alerts issued to SBI customers

Let me tell you that even in July and August, SBI had shut down banking services due to maintenance. Care is usually done at night. So many people are not affected. Let me tell you that apart from SBI’s Internet Banking, the total number of UPI and Yono customers is over 250 million.

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