Air pollution raise heart attack risk know 4 prevention tips from apollo hospital cardiologist vanita arora



Mask should be used to avoid air pollution.
Keeping distance from things like cigarette, bidi and cigar is beneficial.

Air Pollution Increase Heart Attack Risk: The whole world is troubled by air pollution. Pollution has become such an epidemic, due to which the affected people are falling prey to deadly diseases. Air pollution is also very dangerous for the heart. If experts are to be believed, the risk of heart attack increases manifold by living in pollution for a long time. Actually the pollutant elements get mixed in the air and enter inside by breaking the protection layers of our body in many ways. This causes a lot of damage to the body. Air pollution is one of the major risk factors for heart attack. Today, we will try to know from the cardiologist how air pollution damages the heart and how it can be prevented.

of New Delhi Dr. Vanita Arora, Senior Cardiologist, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital According to the toxic particles of air pollution reach inside the body through breath. These particles badly affect our heart. Pollution damages the arteries of our heart. Because of this, the flow of blood in the arteries gets obstructed. In such a situation, a clot is formed in the arteries of the blood. Due to this, the supply of blood does not reach the heart and the condition of heart attack arises. Pollution is most dangerous for lungs and heart. For those who are already suffering from heart disease, poisonous air can prove to be fatal.

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more dangerous than smoking

Dr. Vanita says that pollution also damages the heart like smoking. In such a situation, those who smoke should quit smoking as soon as possible. If you are a heart patient, try your best to avoid pollution and do not smoke even by mistake. Air purifiers can be used inside the house, as indoor pollution can also cause problems for heart patients. Such people should spend time around trees. Apart from this, the elderly should also take special care to avoid pollution.

Protect the heart in 4 ways

Wear a mask while going out of the house. Air purifiers can be used to keep the air inside the house clean.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle and take a diet rich in nutrients. Keep distance from junk food. Take less amount of sugar and salt.

Brisk walk of at least 4 kilometers should be done every day in 40 minutes. Do breathing exercise. This will keep the heart healthy.

There is only benefit in keeping distance from smoking and alcohol. Get health checkups done from time to time and take care of yourself.

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