Air India flights canceled in last two days again and again know reason. Eclipse on Air India flight, getting canceled quickly, the reason came to the fore


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Air India flights cancelled: The good days of Air India have gone on a holiday. There is a continuous problem in the flight of the company, due to which the company has to bear the loss. At least three international flights of Air India have been affected due to technical snag in the last two days. According to reports, flights to Chicago and Vancouver were canceled on Tuesday due to technical glitches in the planes. Both the flights were to be operated using Boeing 777 aircraft. Apart from this, a flight from Paris to Delhi had to be cancelled. When contacted for information in this regard, an Air India spokesperson said that flight AI126 had to be canceled on March 14 due to a technical glitch. Let us tell you that recently the company has made a huge deal, in which hundreds of new aircraft are to be purchased.

Information provided by the company

The spokesperson said in a statement that all help was extended to the affected passengers and all efforts were being made to send them on alternate flights. We regret the inconvenience caused to our passengers. It is not yet known how many passengers have been affected by the cancellation of these three flights. Explain that the airline has placed orders for a total of 840 aircraft to expand its fleet as well as operations. This includes an option to buy 370 aircraft. This is the largest aircraft order placed by any airline. Currently, Air India has around 1,600 pilots to operate its fleet of 113 aircraft. Recent orders placed with Airbus include 210 A320/321 Neo/XLR aircraft and 40 A350-900/1000 aircraft. The orders placed with Boeing include 190 737-MAX aircraft, 20 787 aircraft and 10 777 aircraft. Informed sources said, “Air India is mainly taking the A350 for its long-haul routes or flights lasting more than 16 hours.

how many pilots are there now

Air India, Air India Express, Vistara and AirAsia India together have over 3,000 pilots to operate a combined fleet of 220 aircraft. In recent days there have been reports of flights being canceled or delayed due to crew shortage. The airline’s two subsidiaries – Air India Express and AirAsia India – have around 850 pilots to fly their 54 aircraft. JV Vistara, on the other hand, has over 600 pilots for 53 aircraft.

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