After two generations, God gave the gift of a daughter…

It is said that earlier a daughter was killed in the womb before she was born. Her eyes were closed forever before she saw the world. But now people are aware, now it is not the case that daughters are loved as much as sons. It is found that all the habits of a daughter are fulfilled. Let it be said that now the daughters are doing well in every field. They participate more in every field. .

Today we tell you that a family has set an example for others by celebrating the birth of a daughter so much. Let us tell you that a daughter has been born in this family after two generations.

A similar case is connected with Maripur village of Sultanpur Lodhi. A daughter has been born after 2 generations in a family living there. The family says that they have had boys in the house since the beginning and there were no girls in the house. This time he had prayed to God that if there is a life in his house, it should be a girl.

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