Adulterated flour is being found in the market, follow 3 tips while buying, real and fake will be identified in minutes



You can detect adulteration by paying attention to the quantity of water while kneading the dough.
Roti made of real flour becomes soft, white and puffy, whereas roti made of fake flour is made hard.

Real vs Fake Wheat Flour: Consumption of rotis is a part of the daily diet of most people. At the same time, people use pure and pure wheat flour to make nutritious bread, but do you know that it has become common to find fake flour in the market? In such a situation, by identifying fake and real flour in some special ways, you can bring the result in front of you in a jiffy.

To adulterate flour, people mix many things in wheat. Especially in the packaged flour available in the market, adulteration is done on a large scale, so we are going to share with you the tips to identify the real and fake flour, by following which you can check the purity of the flour in minutes.

use water
You can take the help of water to find out the purity of flour. Take 1 glass of water. Now put half a spoon of flour in it and leave it for 10 seconds. The adulterated flour is light, due to which the fake flour keeps floating even after putting it in water for some time. On the other hand, pure wheat flour, being heavy, settles down in the glass within 10 seconds. Using this process, you can immediately identify fake and real flour.

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Will know while kneading the dough
Even while kneading dough, you can detect fake and real flour within minutes. Please tell that it takes less water to knead real flour. Also, the dough made of real flour is very soft. On the other hand, if there is adulteration in the flour, more water has to be used while kneading the dough. Fake flour is harder than real flour.

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notice while baking bread
You can identify real and fake flour even while baking bread. Please tell that rotis made of pure flour are very soft, soft, white and puffy.

On the other hand, the roti does not rise completely when the flour is adulterated. Also, after baking the roti, it remains hard. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general beliefs. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Before implementing them, contact the concerned expert.)

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