About 60,000 Battlegrounds Mobile India accounts banned this week, list released


Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) publisher Krafton has banned around 60,000 accounts in a week. The reason for banning the players is to carry out many illegal activities. The developer has released a list of banned account names. The developer has advised players several times in the past to not cheat and hacking using illegal tools, but still, thousands of new accounts continue to cheat and hack the game every day. This is not the first time such a ban has been imposed. Previously, Krafton had banned nearly 100,000 accounts between December 13 and December 19, and over 142,000 players were banned from the BGMI mobile battle royale game between December 6 and December 12. .

Krafton has a Post Announced via information that 58,611 accounts in the Battlegrounds Mobile India game were found using illegal activities between December 20 and December 26, so they have been banned. “We’re also presenting you with a full list of cheaters who have tried to sabotage Battlegrounds,” says Crafton.

Crafton usually permanently bans the accounts of players who download BGMI games from illegal channels or cheat and hack through illegal tools. before this Between December 13 and December 19, the developer had banned around 1 lakh accounts for cheating. Before that, between December 6 and December 12, more than 142,000 accounts were banned.

Recently, Battlegrounds Mobile India publisher Krafron announced that it will ban the tools players use for cheating in the popular battle royale game. The ban on all devices running this account will be permanent. The developer states that “if the new security logic detects the use of illegal programs on a mobile device, the device will be permanently banned from running BGMI.”

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