About 38 crores worth of digital payments are made daily

Digital Transactions: Today, India has become a global leader in terms of digital transactions. From time to time it is discussed that how India has left developed countries miles behind in terms of digital payments. Digital payments statistics also tell the story of this growth in India. You will be surprised to know that about 38 crore digital payments are being made daily in the country.

The RBI governor said this figure

Reserve Bank Governor Shaktikanta Das gave information about these figures related to the increase in digital payments in a program on Wednesday. He Confederation of Indian Industry i.e. CII. was participating in a program of On this occasion, he spoke about issues like inflation, repo rate and digital transactions from the recent decision to demonetise the Rs 2000 note.

The RBI Governor said that in the year 2016, where around 2.28 crore digital transactions were taking place every day across the country, now their number has increased to 38 crore. He said that according to the latest data, an average of 37.75 crore digital transactions are taking place every day in the country and UPI has the highest share in these. About 29.5 crore digital transactions are completed daily through UPI alone.

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