A Punjabi youth died in a road accident in America


Where the dreams of going abroad and becoming a Santal are being seen continuously among the youth, their dreams are shattered when they fall victim to some accident in a foreign country away from their homes. The news of the death of many young people in road accidents abroad is coming out day by day.

One such recent case has come out from America. Where a young man went abroad from Punjab a few years ago with big dreams. Due to which a terrible accident has happened. It is being told that this young man was related to Batala.

According to information, this young man was a resident of Dudipur, a village near Batala. This young man died in a terrible road accident in America. According to information, the deceased youth went to America 3 years ago for a better future.

The deceased youth has been identified as Gurwinder Singh and he was 31 years old. He was the only son of his widowed mother and his father died a year ago. The deceased has left behind a widowed mother, sister, wife and 2 daughters in his family.

According to the information received, the deceased's father was working as a driver in Punjab Roadways and he was retired. He took a loan and sent his son Gurwinder to America for a better future. The son was sent abroad and the father died after him. Villagers and relatives said that Gurwinder was a very mild-mannered young man.

The wife and mother of the deceased youth said that they used to talk to Gurwinder on the phone every day. A day before this incident, Gurvinder had talked to the family on the phone.

Now the grieving family has appealed to the government that Gurwinder's body should be brought to the family as soon as possible so that they can see their son for the last time and perform his last rites.