A mother’s movement shook the heart!


Bureau Report: The news that has come from the Civil Hospital of Sultanpur Lodhi has shocked the heart. Millions of mothers with Sunni adoption do not know how much they suffer every day for the desire of their children, but one mother has given her newborn child a painful death in the bathroom of the hospital. His mother, father and doctor were also involved in this. Together, they prepared a plan to eliminate the child before birth so that no one would suspect, but now all of them have been arrested by the police.

On the morning of August 14, at around 2 o’clock in the morning, Baljit Kaur, a cleaner stationed at Sultanpur Lodhi Hospital, received a notification that the dead body of a new-born child was found in the toilet box of the hospital. Which was taken out and kept in the labor room and information was given to the CMO.

On the complaint of the medical officer Mandeep Kaur, the police were told that the staff has come to know that the newborn baby was delivered by a girl named Anjali. She came to the hospital with her mother Manjit Kaur, father Balwinder Singh and doctor Mangat Ram. All these villages belonged to Miani Bahadur. Anjali’s parents and the doctor told the staff member Khushpreet Singh that the girl has stomach pain. It is prescribed by RMP doctor to inject pain.

When the staff member Khushpreet Singh called the girl to get an injection, RMP doctor Mangat Ram took the girl with him to the bathroom. When they came back after a few minutes, the staff went back after taking pain medicine from Khushpreet. Expressing suspicion, the complainant told the police that all these people killed the alive child in the stomach after consultation and brought him to the hospital on the pretext of giving birth.

Sultanpur Lodhi Police investigating officer Balveer Singh has registered an FIR against 4 accused including RMP doctor on the complaint of medical officer Mandeep Kaur and arrested the accused.

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