A cup of tea in Pakistan will make you cry, the price will go up

Rising inflation in Pakistan has made life difficult for the common man. The last one year has seen a lot of inflation in Pakistan. This is not only in the cities of Pakistan but also in the villages where there is a tremendous increase in daily necessities.

Pakistan Inflation

The irony is that the taste of tea for the people of Pakistan has faded. If Pakistan wanted, it could have got sugar from India at a cheaper price but it refused to import it with India this year.

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In the Pakistani city of Rawalpindi, tea has spoiled people’s taste. A cup of tea here costs Rs 40. “Earlier, the price of a cup of tea was Rs 30, but now it has gone up to Rs 40,” a tea vendor told a Pakistani newspaper. Recently, the price of tea has gone up again. Rising prices of tea leaves, tea bags, milk, sugar and gas have pushed up the price of tea by 35 per cent in the last few years.

Pakistan Inflation
Pakistan Inflation

It may be recalled that the biggest negative impact of the rise in tea prices has been on the business of small tea shops as many regular customers have started drinking three or two cups instead of four or three. At the same time, there are some people who are planning to give up tea altogether due to inflation.

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Let me tell you that the people of this country are facing a lot of difficulties due to the persistence of the Pakistani government. Some time ago, a consignment of 28,760 metric tonnes of sugar imported by the Trading Corporation of Pakistan reached Pakistan. Pakistan has paid about Rs 110 per kg for this section. Earlier last year, when TCP imported one lakh tonnes of sugar, it was priced at around Rs 90 per kg.

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