7th pay commission: Employees will get gift before Diwali, DA will increase!


Before Diwali, central employees and pensioners can get a big gift. The government may increase the dearness allowance of employees and pensioners. It was announced before Diwali Can go

It is possible to increase the dearness allowance of central employees and pensioners by 3%. The increase will be made semi-annually from July to December. After this, the dearness allowance of the employees will increase up to 31% of the basic salary. At the same time, inflation relief at the rate of 31 per cent would be provided to pensioners.

7th pay commission
7th pay commission

Suppose the basic salary is Rs. 18,000. Employees with this salary are getting Rs 5040 as dearness allowance. This amount is 28% of the basic salary. If this allowance is increased by 3 per cent, it will be Rs 5,580. This means an increase of Rs 540 in salary.

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