4 side effects of using the pullout method of contraception.- 4 risks of using the pullout method in sex.

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When contraceptives were not very popular, people used the pull out method during sex. Even then only two or single child was not the trend. The risk of sexually transmitted infections and diseases was also much lower than it is today. But today the circumstances are totally different. Despite this, if you and your partner are still using the pullout method, then it can be dangerous for you (Side effects of pullout method). Know in detail in this article for health shots.

What is pull out method in sex?

The pull out method is a home remedy (and not guaranteed at all) to prevent pregnancy. In this, after penetration, the male parter takes his penis out of the woman’s vagina before ejaculation. So that the sperm avoids going near the egg. It is mostly practiced by people who are not using condoms. This is done so that the possibility of entry of sperm inside the vagina is prevented, which does not lead to pregnancy. The pull out method is scientifically called “coitus interruptus” and “withdrawal method”.

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Why should not use pullout method

1 It’s A Difficult Process

The pull out method is not as easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of self-control for a man to pull out the penis just before ejaculation. Many times some men do not even realize that they are close to ejaculation.

Therefore it is difficult and difficult to believe this remedy. Because it can increase the risk of pregnancy. It is only safe to do the pull out method with a partner you trust. Women can also monitor their period cycles and avoid the pull out method on days when the chances of pregnancy are high.

The withdrawal or pulling out method has several disadvantages. Image: shutterstock

2 Can’t pull out completely

A woman can become pregnant even after using the pull out method. If the pull out method is not done completely and the woman is at the time of ovulation (14 to 15 days before the period when pregnancy is most likely to occur), then the chances of getting pregnant increase significantly. Even if the pool out method is not done completely, the chances of getting pregnant are complete because the sperm survives for 7 days.

If the pull out is done completely, there is a high probability that the woman is not pregnant. Studies have also revealed that 4 out of 100 women who use the pool out method become pregnant. If the pull out method does not go through completely. If you practice the pool out method, be careful not to ejaculate around the vagina.

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3 Second round can be dangerous

If you are thinking about the second round after pool out, then some traces of sperm remain inside the penis, on the penis or on the hands, then it is better to wash everything thoroughly before the second round.

Even if your partner pools out at the right time, sperm can still enter your body. Before ejaculation, males have pre-cum which may contain sperm. This fluid does not contain as many sperm as semen, but it can still contain sperm. Pre-cum, which contains sperm, can get you pregnant if it enters your body.

In the practice of pullout method, you are saved from the discharge of sperms, but not from sexual infections. Image: shutterstock

4 The risk of STI may increase

According to gynecologist Dr. Surbhi Singh, condoms not only protect you from pregnancy but also from the risk of sexually transmitted infections. While practicing the pullout method, you avoid the discharge of sperms, but the risk of sexually transmitted infections remains the same. Therefore it is important that you do not rely on this method even by mistake. Always practice safe sex.

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