31 journalists dead, many missing in Israel-Hamas war so far: Report

The Israel-Hamas war is becoming more dangerous day by day. Thousands of people have lost their lives so far in this war that started from October 7. gaza strip (Gaza) has killed the most people. On the other hand, 31 journalists have also died in the war so far. Among the journalists killed, 26 are from Palestine, 4 from Israel and 1 from Lebanon.

The Times of Israel, citing the report of the Committee to Protect Journalists, said that in addition to the death of 31 journalists, 8 journalists were also reported injured, while 9 are missing or detained. Journalists continue to face attacks, arrests, threats, censorship and even murders of family members during the war, the report said.

Committee to Protect Journalists’ Middle East and North Africa Program Coordinator Sharif Mansour also stressed that journalists perform important work in times of crisis and should not be targeted during war. The committee has said that journalists are doing sacrificial work to cover the war. Journalists living in Gaza in particular are facing heavy losses.

On October 7, Hamas fired 5000 rockets

Let us tell you that on October 7, 5000 rockets were simultaneously fired at Israel by Hamas. Many Israeli civilians and soldiers were killed in this attack. Shocked by the attack, Israel declared war on Hamas and began bombing the Gaza Strip. In the Gaza Strip Israeli army Continuous air strikes are being carried out by Along with this, the ground attack has also been started.

Ground attack in northern Gaza

Israeli forces launched a ground attack on Hamas infrastructure in northern Gaza on Tuesday. The Israeli army claims that nearly 800,000 people have fled northern Gaza since the war that began on October 7. Israeli army tanks and armored vehicles reached the interior of Gaza on Monday. With the entry of the Israeli army into the Gaza Strip, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refused to accept the ceasefire call.