21-coach freight train overturns in Jaunpur

A major accident took place near Sri Krishna Nagar railway station in Jaunpur district of Uttar Pradesh on Thursday morning. 21 coaches of a freight train heading to Mughalsarai from Sultanpur near Udampur Ghatampur have overturned.

21 bogies of goods train overturned

Due to this the Jaunpur-Varanasi railway line has been closed. Route trains have been stopped at various places. According to information, the freight train had left Sultanpur at 06:58 am to collect coal from Mughalsarai. There were 59 freight cars. The freight train had crossed Shri Krishna Nagar railway crossing and reached near Udaipur Ghatampur at 07:58 am when suddenly some coaches derailed in the middle.

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Due to the high speed of the train, except for the front 16 and 22 rear coaches, the remaining 21 coaches overturned. However, driver AK Chauhan and guard Sanjay Yadav are safe. The Varanasi-Sultanpur railway line has been closed due to the incident. Mahamana Express, Sultanpur Jaunpur stands between Varanasi passenger. Due to this the passengers are very upset.

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