2021 Maruti Swift or Tata Altroz, Find Out Which Affordable Hatchback Car Is Best For You


There are good options of hatchback cars in India, although you want to buy a stylish and sporty hatchback car that can easily fit your small family, then there are affordable cars in India for this, two of which we will mention today. You are telling

The first of these two cars is the famous Maruti Swift and Tata Ultroz โ€‹โ€‹in India which Affordable and stylish There are also. These cars are very popular in India. Today we have brought for you a comparison of these two cars so that you can understand which option would be better for you.

2021 Maruti Swift or
2021 Maruti Swift or

In terms of engine and power, the Swift Facelift is equipped with a K12N engine. The K12N engine produces 90 PS of peak power and 113 Nm of maximum torque, and achieves a idle start / stop system as standard.

The thing to note here is that it doesn’t have a soft-hybrid system like the Baleno. In terms of features, the new Swift features a dual-pod meter cluster and a new 10.67 cm multi-information color TFT. Display and 17.78 cm. – Integrates based services.

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