100 days of war: President Zelensky said – no one expected that ….

Russia Ukraine War Update: Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said that when Russia attacked 100 days ago, no one expected his country to escape and leaders around the world asked him to leave the country. was advised. Earlier in April, Zelensky said in a late night video address on the 50th day of the war, “But they don’t know us. They didn’t know how brave the Ukrainian people are, how much we value freedom.” Maybe he was talking about himself because nobody knew that the presidency from the world of entertainment. How will the 44-year-old man respond to the invasion of Russia’s huge army?

Zelensky addresses the nation every night
Zelensky’s response has been overwhelming, leading his country in an unexpectedly fierce resistance. Every night, he energizes the people of Ukraine with a video address on social media about the fight. It has been 100 days so far and with every night address, he reminds people that he has not left the field. Since the beginning of the war, he has worn clothes matching the color of the army green. He is often seen in a simple T-shirt.

Zelensky has addressed many parliaments of the world
A tireless and skilled communicator, Zelensky addressed the United Nations, the UK Parliament, the US Congress and nearly two dozen other parliaments around the world, as well as the Cannes Film Festival and the US Grammy Awards via video link. Rarely has a person addressed such a distinguished person without a tie. He has also given interviews to journalists. He held a press conference in the security of the Kyiv Metro. But his nightly video address has been his favorite medium to convey and inspire his citizens.

,hail of ukraine, ends with Zelensky’s speech
He often begins with an encouraging greeting to Ukrainians as “free people of a brave country” or “invincible people of our great country” which always ends with “Victory to Ukraine”. Is. On the Hundred Days of War, he said that he has been fighting for a hundred days: “Peace, ‘Victory, Ukraine, Pride of Ukraine’.”

When asked why he did not congratulate the new leader of Ukraine shortly after Zelensky was elected president in June 2019, Putin did not respond to the actor-turned-president Zelensky.

Putin said, “It is one thing to play someone’s character and in reality it is another thing to be in that character. The important thing is to have courage and character to take the responsibility. He has not shown his character yet.” But Zelensky has shown his character to the people of Ukraine, to the world and to Putin in these 100 days.

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