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Greater pride of Punjab! Punjab’s daughter Manrup Kaur joined the Italian Navy

Manroop Kaur, the talented daughter of a Punjabi family belonging to Bhangala village of Jalandhar district of Punjab and living in Chianpo, a...



Twitter rules changing from February 1, now users will get this facility

After the entry of Elon Musk, some new change is happening in Twitter every day. The company has changed the account suspension...


Consuming Kalonji provides relief from arthritis and joint pain, know more benefits

Ayurvedic products cure many diseases. One of these things is 'Clonji'. Clonji contains essential properties like carbohydrates, proteins, omega fatty acids...
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Do not consume too many dates even by mistake in 3 circumstances, there will be harm instead of benefit, it has also been proved...

highlightsIf you want to lose weight, do not consume dates at all. Some people may be allergic after eating dates.Dates side effects: As...

Drinking water without brushing is playing with health? Understand the reality from experts, advantages or disadvantages

highlightsSome people believe that by drinking water on an empty stomach, the bacteria in the mouth go inside which causes harm. The doctor...

fasting sugar level 125 but Hb1ac normal; Is it diabetes? Know the truth from the doctor of Max Hospital

highlightsDr. Paras Aggarwal says first check whether the blood sugar test is correct or not If the test report is correct then you...

Bored of eating plain food every day, make Masala Paratha full of flavor, it will be ready in 10 minutes

highlightsIt is much easier to make masala paratha as compared to stuffed parathas.The best option is to serve Masala Paratha with vegetables or...

Stay away from diseases for life, take care of this part of the body, it will become a store of antibodies

highlightsWhite blood cells are made in our spleen. To keep the spleen healthy, a good diet should be taken.How To Keep Spleen Healthy:...


BSF recovered heroin worth crores from Indo-Pak border

Punjab's Border Security Force (BSF) has once again achieved great success. BSF's 136 battalion has recovered 3 packets of heroin sent by...

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